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这个世界上,最强大的后端,是你这个人的人品,人格魅力以及合作伙伴。 这个世界上聪明的人,是对这个世界拥有控制权,而不是所有权。 韦德的老板曾经就是资金投资房地产亏掉,整个公司两个月发不出来工资,差点倒掉,但是后来撑下去了,风投进来了。 这些东西对很多人可能没啥

me 9:00 am
hello dear admin
I'm so sorry to disturb you

AM is available 9:03 am
XX - Weekly Payments 1d and 22h ago
AM 9:04 am

me 9:05 am
so glad to meet you
I introduce myself

AM 9:05 am
how are you

me 9:06 am
just so-so
these days I'm very busy

me 9:07 am
I have done gaming, financial and loans short-form offers for about three years ,my most successful type of offers are gaming and loans,
since your reputation is very good,I want to promote your offers and I think I will be a good partner for you .
but my affiliate application are rejected
so I'm so sad

AM 9:08 am
how are you going to send traffic to my offers?

me 9:09 am
I have did ggadwords and ppc

me 9:12 am
I had done cpa for about 3 years

AM 9:14 am
do you have any examples of your websites
you can show me

AM 9:14 am
i need more details
I can not have any proxy fraud or fraud in general


在互联网上赚钱,最快的途径是什么? 毫无疑问就是黑产。这是一个隐形的巨大的产业链。 而我们今天要说并不是国内的黑产,而是国外黑产,当然有很多的中国人在做,否则说了也没什么意思。 那我们今天要说的黑心术就是盗刷 CC。 在国内通过 CC 衍伸出来的产业非常的多,盗刷,

me 9:15 am
I hate fraud like you. Sometimes i was promoting a offer and like have some good profits, the offer pulled by networks suddenly

AM 9:16 am
any idea why?

me 9:18 am
Absolutely, thats because affiliates commit fraud and the advertiser shuts the offer down with the network

AM 9:18 am
whats your email
ill give you a chance
aim 下号过程 _ 如何搞副业赚钱,手机兼职一天 10 块就行插图
but no fraud

me 9:18 am
thank you

AM 9:19 am
i know how to catch proxies and all of that very fast
aim 下号过程 _ 如何搞副业赚钱,手机兼职一天 10 块就行插图1
so no fraud

me 9:19 am
my email is smithdongxiong@gmail.com
Yep, my am told me that also
no fraud

me 9:21 am
I'm looking forward to working with yo

AM 9:21 am
aim 下号过程 _ 如何搞副业赚钱,手机兼职一天 10 块就行插图

me 9:22 am
Thank you very much for giving me this chance

AM 9:23 am
your in

me 9:25 am
thanks ,have a good day


CPA 联盟的背景及审核机制

大家知道,CPA 营销是互联网中最容易赚钱的一种营销方式。通常情况下你要申请一个 CPA 联盟才能推广  OFFER,在这个报告中你会学到 CPA 联盟的审核机制和怎样容易获得批准。这个攻略里并没有对申请这个环节一笔带过,而是提供一些详尽的信息并让你懂得其中的缘由。


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